3 Reasons The 1920’s Are Still Shaping Today’s Culture

What’s that you’re holding? You see that small plastic rectangular computer in your hand? Yes, your cell phone. The one that can stream live video from Manhattan to Shanghai. The one that can guide your electric car anywhere in the civilized world. The device that lets you send mail through space using only your thumbs. Over 90% of all adults in America own one. If you were born after 1990, chances are you can’t remember a time without one.

Now flashback to the 1920’s. A decade where the biggest inventions include Kool-Aid, hair dryers, and Q-Tips. Ok, that’s not totally accurate. The twenties are also responsible for lie detectors, traffic lights, and bulldozers, which are some of the best inventions since sliced bread (which ironically was also invented in the 1920s).

Chances are you use some of these things in your daily ventures. Here are three other reasons that the 1920’s are still shaping today’s culture:

  1. Jazz Music – With more liberal views, people were open to new genres of music. Jazz music (which was a type of Blues) has inspired thousands of present-day musicians to add saxophone and trumpets to their music. Some of these artists include the likes of Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar.
  2. Henry Ford – Ford’s invention of the automobile with a combustible engine helped to propel the car industry to new heights. Mass production of the automobile skyrocketing in the twenties. This helped to launch the enormous business sector that we have today.

  3. Alcohol Prohibition – If this “Noble Experiment” never failed, there would be no 1925 Lounge in downtown Philadelphia. That’s no way to live. Also, if your parents met in a bar, there would be no you (since bars were illegal during Prohibition). Luckily for you, America learned from this mistake and have never implemented Prohibition again.

Summary: Without the 1920’s: No Miles Davis. No Uber. No happy hour. No joke.

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