5 Dance Moves You’ll Regrettably See at Your Company’s Next Party

Staying on top of the hottest trends in music is difficult. Attention spans are diminishing to the point where even a 15-second video (a Vine) will eventually have ads. The trick to overcoming the odds and entertaining guests from different backgrounds is to stay open-minded. The 1925 Lounge DJ’s play what the people want to hear. We play the jams that have you moving our feet and shaking your rump. But with so many dancers in the zone, it is likely you will see some moves that will make you do a double-take. Not the double-take that means “Oh, wow! Look at those moves!”, but the look where you won’t believe your eyes due to the awkward dance moves around the club.

This is often the case at private parties in Philadelphia. Open bars and company credit cards can lead to bad decisions. Bad decision #1 – Drinking too much. (We are professional and do not believe in over-serving our guests). Bad decision #2 – Becoming “that guy/girl”. If your speech is at all slurred, chances are so are your boogie-down skills. We all remember those times (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, school dances, etc.) where you spot the least rhythmic human in the room feeling like Justin (Timberlake) but looking like Dustin (Diamond.)

The same occurs at Philadelphia bachelor parties and many corporate party events around Philadelphia. It isn’t necessarily always a bad thing to be that guy/girl, just be ready to hear about it in the office or group chat the next day. Here are four dance trends you are likely to see (and wish you didn’t) at this year’s company parties… [Note – This list is just said in jest and we encourage you to be free on the dance floor!]



  • Whip/Nae Nae – This dance trend fizzled out as quick as it blew up. It was popular for a while, but if you see somebody Whipping or Nae Nae-ing, please have a server get them some water. Comparable to the Shopping Cart or the Sprinkler of the old days. Hard to pull off and entertaining regardless.

  • Dabbing – This one isn’t that bad. It’s actually kinda adorable. You can thank Carolina Panther’s QB Cam Newton for making this simple move a big hit at bachelor parties. It’s easy to learn and hard to forget.

  • Twerking – Just hope there is no video footage. The next Monday at the office will be interesting if this goes viral.

  • The Dougie – This move peaked in 2010, and by peaked I mean it was moderately entertaining at best. It wasn’t cool then, and it isn’t cool now.

  • The Running Man – LMFAO brought this shuffle-step-move back and it rears its head into almost every holiday party. Whether you demonstrate it as a gag or go all-in, just know it looks better on YouTube.

  • BONUS CONTENT – The Classics – Chicken Dance, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Macarena, Electric Slide, etc. – You get the point.



We appreciate fun, which is why we wrote this blog. And just know, we are only kidding. Feel free to bust out any move you want. We are all about a good time. 1925 hosts the best private company events in Philadelphia. For more information on booking exclusive parties with us, visit www.1925lounge.com or call 215-488-7631.


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