It’s Our Birthday, and We Have a New Room!

Well, as we’re sure you already know, it’s always party hour at the 1925 Lounge. But recently, we had even more reason to celebrate… The last weekend of January marked one year of being the hottest place in town – we turned one year old! And you probably aren’t surprised to hear that we celebrated the occasion with an epic two-day party that had champagne, Burlesque, the best DJs in town, the hottest people in town, and, of course, some memorable birthday surprises.


Our amazing DJs in question were DJ Politik with Dave Mass featuring Joe Broscoe on Saturday night and Jesse Marjo & DJ Image on Friday night. It goes without saying that they were the cherry on top of the cocktail party. If you were there to party with us and want to see pics (in case you don’t quite remember everything) or want to make yourself feel really, really jealous for missing the party of the year, our Facebook page already has a lot of party pictures with more to come.


And speaking of amazing things…we’re so excited to tell you that our 1st Anniversary Party also marked the opening of the Velvet Room! It’s our new second room where you can enjoy the excellent drinks and tasty menu also available in the Main Room, but it has a different DJ (as well as the spectacular velvet décor) so that you can also enjoy even more variety while you party on.


Together with the launch of the Velvet Room, we also put in a brand new stereo system, and – more importantly – a new Voyeur Box. So whenever you feel like you would like to have some voyeur eye candy with your delectable cocktails, just seek out the Voyeur Box and see what you can find.


Like always, we hope to see you at the 1925 Lounge soon. If you want the hottest bottle service lounge in Philadelphia with classy décor and amazing drinks & food menu, you can do no better than visiting us. And if you wanna stay up to date on the latest and greatest events, remember to follow us on Facebook!

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