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Dewar’s 12

Dewar’s 12 is a rich, fruity and smooth-blended Scottish whisky created by the Dewar’s master blender. It has been double-aged in vintage oak casks to make the blend smoother and to create the signature lingering, warm finish. This 12-year-old scotch has a warm, buttery and mellow palate with a little bit of honey and a wisp of aniseed spiciness. Dewar’s 12 has won multiple awards for its sophisticated taste, including, most recently, the Gold Medal at the 2015 LA Spirits competition.


The Glenlivet 18

Glenlivet is one of the best-known whisky distilleries in the world, and their most award-winning whisky is the Glenlivet 18 Year Old, a complex mix that has a full palate rich with aromas, from tropical fruit to notes of toffee, oranges, honey and walnut. It has a long, dry and spicy finish with a hint of oak. This scotch has been rested a minimum of 18 years in a mix of American and European casks to guarantee its complex taste, and it has won various gold awards, including those from the International Spirits Challenge to the Scotch Whisky Masters.


Johnnie Walker Black Label

Possibly the most iconic Scotch whisky there is, Johnny Walker Black Label is a blend of approximately 40 whiskies that have all been aged for at least 12 years. This whisky has reached an iconic status for a good reason, as the incredible smoothness of its blend is hard to compete with. It has a spicy palate with underlying hints of creamy toffee and caramel sweetness, as well as spices and notes of lemon-lime citrus in its long finish.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label  

The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Preserve is a new version of the famous Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18, and another high-quality blended whisky. The palate has notes of honeyed malt, apricot and raisin followed by hints of smoke, black pepper and oak. It has a relatively short, dry and complicated finish of citrus, light smoke and oak.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a blend that consists of grain and malt whiskeys aged for a minimum of 25 years. It was made in the style of early-19th century whiskies and that sense of the old world is reflected in its smoky, multi-layered palate of sherry, honey and vanilla notes. It’s known for its incredible silky smoothness and the finish has subtle hints of dark chocolate and dried fruit. It is arguably one of the finest blended whiskies in the world.



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