Take a Look at Our Bourbon Selections

We have an absolutely exquisite selection of drinks here at 1925 Lounge, which is why we sometimes take the time to talk about them in more detail. This month, we wanted to talk to you about our fantastic selection of Bourbons.


For those of you who don’t know, bourbon is a type of whiskey. What’s always said is that all bourbons are whiskey, but not all whiskeys are bourbon. That’s because, for a whiskey to be called bourbon, it needs to have been made in America and from 51 percent corn. Those are the two big things, but in addition to them, bourbon also has to be stored in new, charred oak barrels and it can’t be distilled to any more than 160 proof.


So that’s bourbon. But what about our bourbons? Well, ask and you shall receive:


Bulleit Rye Bourbon

Known for its high rye content and rich oak aromas that come with a hint of vanilla, this bourbon has been aged for 7 years in small batch barrels. It’s a versatile bourbon that works in drinks as well as straight up, and its high rye content gives it a unique spicy kick which goes really well with the sweetness of bourbon. Despite the spicy kick, though, it also has a smooth, clean finish.


Knob Creek Bourbon

This exceptional bourbon is handcrafted in limited quantities and aged for nine years. It’s a full-bodied bourbon with a maple sugar aroma and the distinctive sweetness of rich, woody caramel. It also comes with a signature smooth finish. Its great balance of flavor notes work well together, and you can use it in a drink, but we would recommend you try it straight up or on the rocks.


Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Winner of Double Gold and Best Bourbon at the San Francisco Sprits Competition, this is one of the finest bourbons out there. It doesn’t get manufactured, but instead it is handcrafted in small batches. Woodford Reserve Bourbon has rich vanilla flavors with layers of oak and spice, and in general a delectably rich palate. The taste experience is completed by a peppery finish, so we definitely recommend enjoying this bourbon as it is instead of using it in a cocktail.

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